In the footsteps of Aristotle

In the footsteps of Aristotle

The life, the work and the heritage of the greatest mind of the ancient world.

We approach the greatest mind of the ancient world during an innovative and inspired tour through the archeological site of the ancient Stageira, but also to modern Stageira, revealing stories that penetrate each other, composing a special atmosphere.

History, philosophy, archeology are combined with walking in an environment of incomparable natural beauty, while Tasos Papadopoulos, with his distinctive narrative style, tells the story of Aristotle’s life and points out the most important parts of his work. Wandering round this imposing site, apart from Stageiritis, we meet Plato, Philip and Alexander, Aquinas and Averroes and in one the most charming stops of our tour, Umberto Eco.

This tour becomes even more significant as recent scientific announcements suggest that the Heroon, at the center of Ancient Stageira be the tomb of Aristotle, which really makes the area a prominent outstanding destination.