Infinite Epirus

Infinite Epirus

We discover one of the most beautiful regions in Greece and dig deep to disclose unknown stories and its timeless charm.

During our three-day tour we visit Metsovo just for a few hours, we get informed on different aspects of Greek visual arts at the Averof Foundation and we try to approach distinguished personalities, known later on as Benefactors, who helped their cities in various ways.

We meet Kostas Karyotakis, an anatomist of the human condition and master of irony, and we stay with him one night in Preveza.

We attempt a Descent to Hades by boat down the Acheron River and a visit to Nekromanteion (ancient necromancy), led by the most gripping Homer’s rhapsody, archaeological and historical references, legends and perceptions through which for many years people endeavor to map afterlife in order to banish the fear of death. In Ioannina we deal with the recent history of the city, bring to light Holocaust events and human stories, seeking their traces on the streets, the squares, the alleys, the lake and the Castle. On the island of Ioannina Lake, we find Ali Pasha and Lord Byron, refuting many of the established perceptions associated with them.

The characteristic dense and exhilarating narrative of our guide Tasos Papadopoulos helps us take an in-depth look at Epiros of the infinite stories. History, archeology, byzantine art, legends as well as luscious dinners and night walks in two cities make the experience unforgettable.