Jewish walk in Thessaloniki:

Memory and Flavors

Jewish walk in Thessaloniki: Memory and Flavors
Starting from the Monastiriotes Synagogue, the only pre-war synagogue in the city, we aspire to connect places, spaces, signs, streets, buildings, squares and markets with the Jewish presence in the city. At the same time, we discover the flavors of the Sephardic cuisine that has slipped through memory and enliven a tradition of cooking with elegant technique, simple materials and diverse influences.

Seeking the visible and invisible traces of the human stories, customs, religious rituals, traditions, great moments but also painful losses of the Holocaust, we walk in the center of Thessaloniki and if desired, we can visit to the city’s Jewish Museum.
We stop at “Acadimia” restaurant where we can taste unique dishes especially prepared for us by the chef and his colleagues, all of which inspired by the recipes of the city’s Jews taken from Nina Benroubi’s book “Taste of Sephardic Thessaloniki».

We go on to walk through Eleftherias Square, where we stop for a while at the Holocaust monument, and we end up at the Port of Thessaloniki.