Kostis Zafirakis

If somebody claims that they know the city intimately, without having worn out a couple of pairs of shoes walking in it, you shouldn’t put too much trust in them. Life means walking ‘till the soles of your feet fall off. In other matters, I am savvatogenimenos (born-on-a-Saturday), a vegetarian and a wanderer. I ‘ve been climbing the Meteora, canyoning in Evritania, rafting in Aoos river. I have seen the lagoon of Missolonghi from above while flying a glider and I have met amazing people, full of cheer about the future. My travel shows (Exodus, Oxygono, I Love Gr) in ET3 and SKAI are a constant feast. I have logged countless hours of flight on the airwaves too: from the radio station 88.5 of Mylos and the irreverent news reports in Palmos 9.65 and later as a journalist and a musical producer. I will always remember “Thermometro”, an ahead-of-its-time special section we used to make for the newspaper Thessaloniki. I am writing stories about people, places and travels in www.parallaximag.gr. And I walk with Emo, my travelling dog, who is the personification of love and curiosity.

Kostis Zafirakis is our guide for the GRAND FOOD TOUR