Maria Boudouka

I was born in Thessaloniki. Among the first, most intense memories is the sea, The Thermaic gulf, viewed from above, from the city’s Fortress, with mount Olympus in the background and, somewhere in-between, the mosaic of diverse buildings, monuments of a diverse past.
My decision, an instinctive one, to study History and Archeology in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was rather surprising, especially counting that, when not being in the lecture theatre, I spend the day doing long theatre rehearsals, hard dance and martial art trainings and taking endless walks in the city.
Equally surprising was the decision to attend the Master Program in Art History of the same Department, along with teaching Spanish as a foreign language, organizing museum education programs in the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, attending sailing courses, trekking in the mountains and endless walks in the city.
When I began to attend the Professional Tour Guide Certification Program in the Aristotle University, nobody was surprised. Maybe because this was the meeting point of all these diversities and the love for Histories, the untold and secret stories that hide behind monuments, awaiting to be revealed to the people who encounter them, either for a few hours or for an entire lifetime. And of course, the endless walks in the city, a city that never stops surprising me…