one city, many faces,

countless stories

One city, many faces, countless stories
Following the traces of all those who lived in Thessaloniki before us and narrating a fascinating story we seek the complex identity of the city we inherited.

Our tour starts from the Hellenistic period, to pass through the Roman Byzantine, Ottoman ones and reach the 19th multicultural Thessaloniki as well as the astounding 20th century era, without of course neglecting to take a look into its dark ages. Together we discover not only glorious monuments, many of which are UNESCO listed sites of World Cultural Heritage, but also places where the human adventure made what we now call history and forged the city’s cultural identity.

Wandering around time and places, we discover a Roman forum (Agora), monumental constructions with a unique character such as the Rotunda, an arch immortalizing military triumphs, palace ruins, medieval towers, modest Byzantine churches hiding rare treasures, and streets, legendary squares, points and corners associated with major historical events.

Together we embrace the city of poets and the city of social movements, and hopefully end up feeling welcome and cozy in a city that once belonged almost equally to Jews, Greeks, Ottomans and refugees from Minor Asia. Their coexistence left its indelible traces in culture, music, gastronomy, in every aspect of everyday life.