Prespa lakes – Florina

Prespa lakes – Florina – Landscapes in the light and the mist

An exceptional .experience away from the city, on a tour through the exquisite and obscure landscape of Prespa Lakes and the city of Florina.

We change the way we approach a place, its monuments, its history, its well hidden secrets, its legends, its people and their gastronomy.

During our tour, led by Tasos Papadopoulos, archaeologist and candidate doctor of Byzantine Art, we meet the tomb of a Bulgarian ruler and a beastly saint, eye catching ruins and dwarf cows.

We get on boats and climb on byzantine hermitages balancing over the water borders of three states. We savor beans, peppers and other products by Megali (Big) Prespa Lake, in the outermost village of Psarades.

We follow the suspended step of a stork in Florina and we approach the work of probably the greatest and most influential Greek director as well as his controversy with the local metropolitan. We dine on the banks of the river Sakouleva, drag up painful memories of the final acts of the Greek civil war and finally we arrive at the traces of a head that had been separated from the body, shedding light on the mystery of the murder of Pavlos Melas.

History, archeology, lake boat tours, hiking in the nature, unknown stories and undetected mysteries combine with stunning examples of Byzantine art, contemporary cinema, discovery of secret corners and crypts of the area but also with the taste of the authentic local products, which in their turn jointly formulate the identity of the place.