Rebetiko in Thessaloniki

Rebetiko in Thessaloniki

This walk introduces us to the unique music genre called rebetiko. The dervishes, the refugees, the legendary Barra district, the mahalomangas, the “thlipsis” (black ribbon band) round the hat, the tekkes, the Yedi Kule (prison) and above all the music and the lyrics.

The very core of this narrative is all about the works and days of Vamvakaris, Vasilis Tsitsanis and Katsaros, as well as other truly notorious “rebetes” that proved to be the soul of this musical genre. Tasos Papadopoulos succeeds to connect their incredible experiences with meeting points, narrow cobblestone streets in the Upper Town, squares, prisons and even a grave at Evangelistria Cemetery and sheds light on the strong and fascinating relationship between the city and rebetiko.

Walking down from Yedi Kule to the only minaret of the city in the Rotunda, we listen to all the stories behind the songs written about Thessaloniki and stories about the songs written in Thessaloniki as well as stories on the conditions, love affairs, and the habits as depicted in the songs.

At the end of our tour we have the chance to savor tasteful zesty ouzo meze (appetizers) to the sound of legendary live rebetico music and enjoy ourselves in the pleasant atmosphere of a nice nearby place.