Samothrace, the Mysterious island

Samothrace, the Mysterious island
A four-day adventure on the island of Samothrace

We immerse ourselves in the most thrilling stories of the ancient world, seek the traces of medieval adventures, and invoke a more recent past connecting up a fascinating destination’s yesterday and today.
During our four-day exploration on the island of mysteries and of the most uncharted ceremonies of antiquity we meet Lysander the moment he asks to be initiated into the Kaveiria mysteries, Philip when he falls in love with Olympiada and a breathtaking headless statue as it emerges from the ground and which would later occupy a prominent place in one of the world’s largest museums.

We move under the “Feggari” (the “Moon”), a name given by the locals to mount Saos, which rising to 1611m.dominates the whole island and we hike under the great plane trees shadow along the stream of Fonias, with its natural crystal water basins, the so called “vathres”.

We climb on Genoese towers and discover the charm hidden in the cobbled alleys and the castle of Chora, from where there is a unique view of the Aegean Sea.

We have coffee at traditional cafes and taste different local samothracian dishes. We swim in the beach on the Cape of Kipi, enjoying the view of Imvros and the Thracian Sea.

We get a better insight of Ion Dragoumis and the odd linguistic idiom of the island.
Archeology, hiking in the nature, historical figures, medieval rulers, struggles and massacres, Christians and Turks, but above all the Great Gods, await us to discover together the Mysterious Island of Samothrace.