Tassos Papadopoulos

My name is Tassos Papadopoulos. I was born in Thessaloniki and I walk in this city as far as I can remember myself. It is a great pleasure for me to be a PhD candidate in Byzantine Archaeology in an urban center that its byzantine churches are classified as world heritage monuments by the Unesco. But Thessaloniki has a lot more to offer…Every monument, street, building and sculpture carries its own microhistory. The history of people who passed through here and left their marks in the city’s collective memory. But this history acquires its own substance and uniqueness when it is shared with other people and this is precisely my intention.
From Galerius to Sabbatai Zevi and from Cassander to Murat, our city gives us the advantage to make leaps in history and to bridge cultures and traditions with unexpected ease, creating the cultural amalgam of Thessaloniki, a sea nymph with many faces.
However, well hidden behind Roman emperors and the great byzantine churches, the dark memory of the city is still lurking. The social history of Salonica, the unknown aspects, the songs of Rembetiko and the refugees, all the untold stories that I am trying to retrieve from the body of the city.
Come walk the city with us and experience the visible and invisible Thessaloniki. Hear the stories that are hiding behind the major monuments and meet the ghosts that haunt their past. They are not scary … They just want to share their stories, and these stories are here before us … in the narrow cobbled streets of the upper city, upon the worn Roman sculptures, on the domes of the Ottoman bathhouses, in the cracks of the Byzantine walls, in the handrails of the staircases at the Depot, in the ashes that the great fire of 1917 left behind.