The Grand Food Tour
Flavors and Scents

The Grand Food Tour – Flavors and Scents

How was Thessaloniki’s culinary identity made up? What are the stories behind the flavors that we love so much and how do they relate to the city’s past?

We walk in the center of the city, through the markets of Modiano, Kapani and Athonos with our guide Kostis Zafirakis and detect the complex sophisticated gastronomic identity of the city. We meet the people of the markets, listen to their stories, visit selected venues and shops and taste their excellent products. We have fun, drink, eat and most importantly enjoy chatting with people passionate about different savoring ingredients and preparation of delicious dishes, who introduce us to the pleasure of good food.

During this walk we share a rich dining experience, tasting honey, chalva, nougat desert, pasteli, delight lokums and olives as well as a great variety of fine cheese and cold cuts, secret recipe dishes and learn every tiny detail on the preparation of the appetizing Macedonian pie. We look for places gastronomically related to the past, to homemade and street food, always spotting new gastronomic trends.